Thursday, March 21, 2013

Back to Havaianas?

I remember those oh so crazy days when I was totally addicted to this flip flop brand. There wasn't a Make Your Own Havaianas event that I didn't go to. In fact, my Havie friends and I (that's what we call the group of friends that was formed out of our love for chinelas) eventually got VIP invites to this annual thing. We were there making our flip flops, a day before the event was opened to the public. Naks, diba?!! But like all addictions, this one went away eventually. It passed without me even noticing it. One day, I just noticed myself walking past an All Flip Flops store without bothering to enter it. That was how I knew that my love affair with Havaianas had died down. Not to say that I would never pay for another pair again. It was just your typical "too much, too soon" kind of thing. I had soooooo many pairs because I jumped at every opportunity, every new design. That's probably why I suddenly wasn't too excited anymore. 

I don't remember the last time I bought a pair. In fact, I don't even remember the last time I looked at them inside a store. I got to do this very recently at The Complex in Eastwood Mall. Anissa was checking out some swimsuits and trying them on. I was getting bored so I decided to check out the wall of Havaianas flip flops they had. I tried on a few pairs and I suddenly had the urge to get a pair. It's summer anyway!  I didn't buy one right there though. I wanted to familiarize myself with the new designs. My favorite will always be the TOP style. It's the plainest one of all and it's also the style that agrees with my weirdly-shaped feet. My black and brown ones which are years and years old are still with me and none of them look old. 

Hmmm ... parang I want one in red

My next favorite style is the HIGH LIGHT. I haven't been updated, I didn't know the plain/solid-colored ones are back in the market. They're the ones I really really like.

I like them because they're half-wedges. Not too high for the lampa like me. 

Lastly, I also like SPIRIT. I already have this in black (booooooring!). 

I'm kinda liking the white and gold. Still boring? Hahaha. I'm safe when it comes to colors.

Anyway ... I haven't decided on what to get yet. Maybe I need to actually go inside a store so I can finally choose my comeback pair. I just hope this planned purchase doesn't lead to a revival of that old expensive addiction! 


  1. It was the love for Havaianas that paved the way for my friendship with Achi Pao, and then I got to know the rest of your bunch albeit online.

    The last pair I bought was the 2009 Filipinas. My goodness. That was four years ago! Ang hirap kasi maglakad in tsinelas when you have a kid in tow. Lagi akong naapakan. My poor kuko, haha!

    1. Aliw! :) And yes, you're right laging sira ang pedicure ko hihihi!!!

  2. Because of havaianas, I follow your blog, multiply account and now twitter and IG!kulang nalang pati FB :)

    Sakto post mo naghahanap din ako ng havaianas now, I have 2 ipanema kasi both gift pero ayoko ipang beach. Yung iba ko havs pinamigay ng nanay ko (yes sya namigay wawa ako!) Ang natira nalang is high light :)

    Di ako makapag comment sa ipad, walang comment box. I used my BB's mobile browser.

    1. Finally your comment arrived haha! And I still haven't bought that comeback pair. :p