Friday, March 22, 2013

Dining Discovery : Mad Mark's Kapitolyo

Anissa's been going to this place with her friends and has always raved about the food there. I finally got to go with her and Sabine the other night (after spending 4 hrs in the salon while A had her hair coloured - we were naturally famished!). 

Mad Mark's was a stone's throw away from the salon we went to so it was the perfect choice for our starving tummies.

It's self-serve style at Mad Mark's so this photo was taken while we were waiting for our orders to arrive

We're Iced Tea fans. When I ordered 3 glasses, the girl at the counter told me I could instead get the pitcher, which translates to about a litter, for just Php 110.00. 

While we were ordering, Anissa said I had to try the french fries. This was the only kind they had left. The Herbed Parmesan Fries (served Tuscan style with select herbs and parmesan). They were really good! However, I prefer my potatoes thin and crispy (like Mcdonald's or Army Navy's). These were too thick for my taste. They were flavorful, nonetheless. Anissa was right.

Then our respective orders came ... 

Anissa and I had the Cream Mushroom Steak. Too bad I couldn't touch the salad (I don't have my Onco's go signal to eat raw food). For less than P300, this was not bad at all. In fact, I really liked the creamy mushroom gravy that came with it. We ordered extra gravy at P35 each.

For Sabine who loves fish, this is what I got. Unfortunately, I totally forgot the exact name of this dish. It's fried fish fillet, really soft and tender. It came with a dipping sauce of lemon, butter and anchovies (she didn't like it because of the anchovies but I did). This dish also didn't cost more than P300.

Unfortunately, even if people keep saying that your Mad Mark's dining experience is never complete without trying their homemade ice cream, we didn't have space for it anymore. I made a mental note to drop by the next time I'm in the area, just to try it. 

Oh and since N couldn't join us, I got him one of their best sellers, the Lumberjack. I should drag him to this place next time!

Mad Mark's is on East Kapitolyo Drive, Kapitolyo, Pasig City  

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