Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Go Away, Virus!

It's not even the season for it so I don't how this virus can be around at the moment. Saturday morning, Sabine woke up with a cough and slight fever. Thankfully, the phlegm was loose. I hate it when she has a dry cough because it's always painful to listen to. She slept for the most part of Saturday, probably her body's way of making up for all the activity the day before (we spent afternoon to evening supporting Anissa at a major dance competition). I doubt that Sabine caught the virus here. She must have picked it up from school, where kids are normally exposed to these things. The fact that classrooms are now air-conditioned is also a huge factor. 

Anyway, the fever has been on and off since then and I honestly thought she would make it to school today for the 1st day of her 3rd term exams. But alas ... after being fever-free the whole day yesterday, she suddenly developed a temperature at 1am . I was asleep but as always, the sleep was not that deep because I knew I still had to be on the lookout. Her arms felt hot so I grabbed the thermometer and took her temperature. Dammit, 38.6. I gave her some Paracetamol and a sponge bath while she slept to bring the fever down. Around an hour later, it was safe for me to go back to sleep because the temperature had settled at somewhere a little over 37. 

I again woke up 4 hours later to the sound of my iPhone's alarm so I could give her another dose of Paracetamol. It was 530am. I decided to text her class adviser to let her know that she wouldn't make it to class today. I also updated her Pediatrician. Anissa complained of not feeling well when she left for school without Sabine earlier, after already taking a Biogesic to hopefully address the situation.

Argh. I don't remember the last time both my girls were sick. In fact, I'm quite sure they've never been sick at the same time. Sabine is more sickly than Anissa though. 

I'm praying so hard that this is really just a virus and nothing more. Sabine is still coughing, which kind of gives me that feeling of relief. Without the cough (I hate the thought of dengue!), I'd be a lot more panicky. 

Another thing ... I haven't had my blood counts checked yet although I'm sure my WBC level is fine by now. I'm hoping to God I don't catch whatever it is my girls have!

Anyone else out there feeling sick? 

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