Friday, March 29, 2013

Our First Time at Sulyap Gallery Cafe and Restaurant

I really should use Mr. Google more! If it weren't for a comment made by fellow Mom blogger Rone, I wouldn't have known such a place existed in San Pablo City. Upon her recommendation, I found myself dragging the family to SULYAP GALLERY CAFE, after we checked out of Casa San Pablo. 

I'm just so happy we went!

Sulyap Gallery Cafe gives you "a taste of the past", like what it says in their website. Is there any place like it in Manila? I highly doubt. If there is, it probably doesn't have as much character. 

On our way there, we really didn't know what to expect --- except maybe good food and to see pretty things. We didn't know that this was actually part of an even bigger complex which includes a bed and breakfast place called Casa de Obando, which makes them a competitor of Casa San Pablo. Interesting! I should've done an ocular of their rooms but we wanted to make it back to Manila in time for N's after-dinner appointment, and I still wanted to take the kids to Nuvali after lunch. 

They certainly don't make houses like this anymore. Just look at the low window. This is just one of many that were on the ground floor. Nowadays, low windows are a hazard, sad to say. 

Here's a cozy table for 2, right behind ours on the ground floor. 

The second floor looks like this and is not too big

Now let's move on to the main event --- the delicious food!

Appetizer : Deep Fried Cheese Rolls served with garlic dip, P190.00

Salad : Ensaladang Pako, P150 --- a huge serving!

This is N's eternal favorite, which I can never learn to eat hee hee.  Looks good in the bowl though and he said it really was.

The succeeding photos were taken using my iPhone 5, hence, the difference in quality.

This family LOVES shrimp and can eat it everyday. The Sinigang na Sugpo was a natural choice for our soup. This generous serving costs P460.00.

The Beef Tapa intrigued me because in the menu it says, "original recipe". The strips are fried in olive oil and garlic, P350.00.

This shot is blurry because I think I was in too much of a hurry to take it, wanting to try this dish out pronto! This is called Kulawong Talong (Eggplant). Described as "an original dish from San Pablo City, served with your choice of Eggplant or Banana Heart (Puso ng Saging), in smoked flavor coconut milk, topped with grilled pork, P310.00. This was my favorite among all the dishes we ordered! Heavenly!!! But beware ... you simply cannot eat this without the extra rice factor!

The Bangus Belly was strongly recommended by our waiter to go with the Kulawong Talong. He was so right! This was really meaty and juicy, P340.00

All I can say is ... I wish I could be transported back to Sulyap right now. I got hungry just by putting this entry together. 

Oh and before I forget!

Our waiter said this order of Iced Tea is good for 2 people, but 4 of us shared it. Really sulit for just P95.00. It's also not your commercial-tasting Iced Tea. It's lemon-based. So refreshing.

Last but not the least ... after seeing their coffee maker, I knew I had to have a cup

This place should be on anyone's itinerary when in San Pablo City. I can't say much about the kind of accommodations they offer but the food is certainly going to be worth the trip. 

Across the street from the resto (within the compound), is a museum where you'll find all sorts of interesting things. We killed time here while our orders were being prepared in the kitchen. 

Our baby girl slightly freaked at the sight of the deer head on the wall. Hahaha!

She was so amused by this wooden rocking horse, though. 

Sulyap Gallery Cafe and Restaurant is located in Bgy. Del Remedio, Cocoland Compound, San Pablo City Laguna. Visit their website at to know more about this beautiful place. 

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