Thursday, March 28, 2013

Family Time : Casa San Pablo - The Food

One thing that made our stay in Casa San Pablo very memorable is all the great food we were served. I mentioned in my previous post that the rates we were quoted already included all of our meals (except snacks, which we were allowed to bring in). I honestly didn't expect to be as blown away as I was about all the food. I was hoping that it wouldn't disappoint but I have to say, it well exceeded our expectations. 

We stayed overnight, so the meals that were included were lunch and dinner on day 1 then breakfast on day 2 (because check-out time is officially at 10am and we wanted to have lunch out). 

Day 1 Lunch (pardon the photos, I arrived late at the dining area because I went to nearby SM San Pablo with Sabine to grab a few necessities) : 

Lechon Kawali --- I really shouldn't have eaten this haha!

Lumpiang Hubad --- really fresh because everything was crispy

Alimasag sa Gata --- so flavorful!

The spread also included soup, but I forgot to take a photo of it. 
Then for dessert? 

This huge chunk of Ube! 

Let's take a quick break from the food so I can show you what we did that afternoon. I kinda fell asleep in bed while watching one of my downloaded TV shows on my laptop, because the airconditioning was also so cold. But in no time, the little girl was tugging at my blanket and asking me to go to the pool with her. I dragged my Mom with us as well. 

We chose the lower pool area (there's an upper pool area, too) so that the maintenance people wouldn't have to watch us while we swam. It was gloomy because it rained extremely hard after lunch. 

Now let's move on to what we had for dinner on Day 1 : 

Here's how our table was set at each meal time. Very simple, like having lunch at home. 

Cream of Mushroom Soup (I don't think it was made from scratch, though)

Sitaw and Kalabasa --- loved this! 

Roast Chicken Hamonado Style

And the dish that we easily ran out of because it was so tasty --- Grilled Tilapia! 

Dessert was not-too-sweet Leche Flan (argh, sorry I hate blurry photos!)

On Day 2, we only had breakfast which consisted of the following: 

Sunny Side Up Eggs --- obviously, late nanaman ako because hey, N woke me up at 7am and I had to go to the banyo first, of course!

Our very attentive server, Justie (sayang I failed to take his photo) told us this was Longganisa ala Lucban, because it tastes like Lucban Longganisa but is actually made in San Pablo City. Nom!!!

Sinangag (Fried Rice) just the way my family likes it --- with tons of fried garlic!

Fried Danggit --- too salty for my taste but that's not the kitchen's fault. This fish is really salty and I'm not much of a fan. 

The best part of breakfast? Unlimited brewed coffee!

And sipping it while enjoying the view from the veranda while Instagramming. 
Ahhhhh the life! 

I'm really missing this place as I type. Yes, the food is one of the things you should look forward to when you visit Casa San Pablo.  Not just because everything tastes good, but also because it's served home-cooked style with lots of loving care. 


  1. I have to visit Casa San Pablo! Grabe dyan province namin but never been to hahaha! Our store is just in front of SM San Pablo hihi

    1. Yes, you really have to! So relaxing. Kahit overnight lang (which I think is ideal na).