Thursday, March 28, 2013

Family Time : Casa San Pablo

Way before summer began, we knew we were going to stay put in Manila for the first time in ages. Just one of the many changes we have to deal with now that Daddy has gone ahead. It's all good now. I was dreading the start of Holy Week because I knew it would bring back so much painful memories of Daddy still being around and planning our annual family trip to our 2nd home in the North. But I prayed hard to be able to face, embrace and overcome the emptiness. 

I still wanted us to do something as a family though, so I searched and searched for places to go without having to get on a plane or drive too far. After seeing so many options, I ended up choosing CASA SAN PABLO in San Pablo City, Laguna. Everything I saw and read about it told me that this was the place I should decide for us to go to. 

We wanted to be away just for a night, and at the beginning of the Holy Week, so that we don't go head to head with the many others who are planning to take out of town trips. We all know what this is like, having gone out of town every year on Holy Week for more than a decade now. This time, we all just wanted a change of pace and to do something different from what we've gotten so used to. 

After exchanging email messages and texts with someone from there named Angelica (whom I didn't get to meet), we found ourselves in Casa San Pablo on the morning of March 25, Holy Monday, at around 10am. The drive was uneventful, as expected, and we were happy to know that we practically had the entire place to ourselves. Only one other room was taken, by a really quiet and young couple. 

Angelica, based on my headcount, assigned Rooms 1 and 2 for us. 

Room 1 went to N and myself, because there's only one bed in it --- a queen sized one with a stiff mattress. Win! We both don't like soft fluffy mattresses because they're not good for our ageing backs hihihi! Note that Room 1 had a small veranda up front. 

Here's what our toilet and bath looked like in Room 1

Nothing like a 5-star hotel's toilet and bath but it had its own distinct character which I loved. Best of all, it was clean and complete.

Room 2 was so much bigger than ours. There was the main bed which was also queen-sized, 2 single beds nearby (this photo), plus 3 more. 

The 3rd bed in Room 2 was this, tucked away in its own enclosable area. We actually turned this into the luggage/baggage depot haha. 

The 5th and 6th beds were on the 2nd floor of Room 2, where the loft was. Just follow Sabine!

So yes, Room 2 had a total of 6 beds. Too big for us, actually, but we were happy with all that space.

Each room had its own conversation pieces. Room 1 had this ... 

It's an oil painting by artist, E.J. Cabangon, entitled Hanging by the Moment. The stuffed rabbit belongs to his 5-year old daughter. She and the rabbit are inseparable. The story behind this painting is just so touching. I'll share it in a separate entry. :) 

This wall is what gave Room 2 character ... 

It's a collection of Hot Wheels toy cars. I failed to get the history behind this though. But even my girly girls found the idea cool. 

You're probably asking by this time, what the rates are like. You'd be totally surprised if I tell you that we didn't spend too much and that the rates already included all meals (except snacks). You can shoot me an email message at if you want me to let you in on the friendly numbers for these rooms (and the 16 others they have). 

Meantime, speaking of meals! This was probably one of the biggest highlights of our super short stay in Casa San Pablo. The meals were such a treat for all of us! Please stay tuned because my next entry will be about all the glorious food we were served!

Casa San Pablo is located in San Pablo City, Laguna
Visit their website at to know more

P.S. This is also worth mentioning. When our booking was confirmed, Angelica sent me an email message containing not just our confirmation letter (which we had to present upon entering the premises), but also several attachments which included a map from Manila, places to see around the area and how to get to each of them. Really so efficient!


  1. The place looks charming, very typical of an ancestral house in the provinces. I want to see the food! Heard they serve really good food!

    1. I fell in love with the place! Food post is up and yes, it's true, the food is soooo good!