Saturday, March 2, 2013

Hello, March (and a shameless plug)

I wake up and it's March already? Really? Well it HAS been kinda hot and humid in the afternoons lately. I've had to turn the aircon on a few times because I couldn't stand the heat in the house. 

Unlike in the past years, we really don't have anything concrete planned for summer this year. I'm just so glad my chemo treatments are done. The breast cancer is the main reason no plans were made. Everyone, my entire family, was just so focused on my illness and my treatments. Now that the chemo chapter is over, we're all relieved and thankful. But alas, no summer plans at all. It's probably too late to book anything even if we want to. 

By this time, I'm usually on the lookout for swimsuits already. Not just that ... tank tops, maxi dresses, shorts, breezy tops, new sunglasses, flip flops. The works! But really, the breast cancer changed everything. Not to mention Daddy's passing, too. 

No one's really complaining about not going anywhere in the summer months. The kids will be busy for sure. Anissa with dance training plus another dance class and Sabine with something, we just don't know yet what because we haven't asked her. She will definitely want to do something. Last year, we made her go to swim class. I'm thinking of art or dance --- whichever she prefers more.

I know what I'm going to be busy with though. It's a baby I gave "birth" to very recently called
THE LEMONADE STAND. I sell export overrun garments, all branded and really cheap. 

Please check us out :

Facebook :
Follow us on Twitter : @mylemonade44
Follow us on Instagram : @mylemonadestand

Just a few of the stuff I have for sale right now

Banana Republic Shift Dress (orange and black), Php 700 each

Old Navy Watercolor Maxi Dress, Php 700

Monki brand shirts (that really look like H&M or F21, promise!), Php 350

Plus Zara, Mango, Old Navy, F21. Just visit the FB page please, to see all of our albums. I hope to see you all there. When you do decide to buy from me, let me know if you're one of my readers. That would be really nice!

There's one more thing I intend to be busy with soon, hopefully while summer is still in full swing. I can't say much at the moment. All I can say is ... it's about damn time!

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