Monday, September 24, 2007

In the words of Victor Hugo...

Strong and bitter words indicate a weak cause...

I just have to react to all this talk about Pops Fernandez dishing out the truth on her and Martin Nievera's failed marriage.  They parted ways, uhhh, a decade ago?  First of all, it's an old, old story.  Secondly, the WHOLE WORLD knows about Martin's indiscretion.  Why talk about it now?  A decade is a long time to bottle things up.  Does everyone want to hear how it all happened?

I don't think anyone can justify a 3rd party in a marriage.  Regardless of how lousy your marriage (or spouse) is, infidelity is never the way out of a relationship.  It's WRONG and that's that.

So why is Ms. Fernandez on the warpath after all these years of staying quiet?  Her decision to break her silence, to me, means only one thing : she has not moved on.  I saw Martin on TV yesterday and he was visibly irked at Pops' move to air everything out in the open. I don't blame him one bit.  Sure, he's no saint.  But it really is irritating on his part to have to deal with his ex-wife's bitterness just when things are falling into place for him and Katrina O.

Pops was also interviewed yesterday about the issue.  When asked whether she'll invite Martin to her forthcoming major concert, she replied that she's just trying to find the right time to ask him to be part of it.  Saying that she owes it to their fans because there can never be a Pops Fernandez without a Martin Nievera.  HELLOOOOOOOO!!! Matagal ng wala!  Wake up and smell the coffee kaya?!  Ay, nasunog na pala yung coffee sa tagal duh.

I don't feel sorry for Martin.  After all, he DID cheat on her.  But I can understand why he's upset.  Who do I really feel sorry for?  Jomari Yllana, whoelse?  It's never any fun being in a relationship with someone who has been carrying all that excess baggage.

A smart woman would know that the best form of revenge is to get up from a fall and get on with her life gracefully.  MOVE ON PLEAAAAASE?  Asus!!!

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