Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Not again...

The whole time Anissa was sick with a respiratory tract infection, we took care of isolating her from Sabine so that the little one wouldn't catch the same virus. When Anissa was cleared by the doctor last week, I breathed a huge sigh of relief but told Anissa she should still be very careful because her immune system might not be fully-recovered yet.

A week after Anissa went back to school, I honestly thought everything was okay. Until last night! Sabine felt a bit warm to the touch around after dinner and she seemed a little quieter than usual. Took her temperature and it turned out to be around 38.4 so I immediately gave her a dose of Tempra. She fell asleep soon after that and I half-dismissed the possibility of the same episode happening because one of her lower teeth is also coming out. But at 1am when I felt her forehead and it was hot again, I knew it wasn't her tooth anymore.

To cut a long story short, her pedia confirmed that she has phlegm starting to form in her lungs. Her fever came back this morning so we were at the pedia's clinic in Cardinal Santos as early as 10am. The pedia prescribed anti-biotics to help arrest the problem. So now I am back to where I was more than a week ago. Only this time, with a much tougher patient. Anissa, although a bit stubborn sometimes, was easier to take care of. Sabine is feisty and aggressive, she will NOT open her mouth when she sees the medicine dropper filled with yucky syrup coming at her.

On the other hand, this is also an advantage for me. Being a fighter, she refuses to just stay in bed. She's been moving around, dancing and "talking" non-stop as always. Minus the usual horse play because after all, she IS sick. Thank God she's a trooper!


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