Saturday, September 1, 2007

TV Series Freak

DH and I have a long list of TV shows we watch on a regular basis, namely:

Grey's Anatomy (my personal favorite because of Patrick Dempsey!)
Desperate Housewives
Prison Break
Ghost Whisperer (I love JLH's vintage style on this show)
House MD
The New Adventures of Old Christine (Julia Louis Dreyfuss is hilarious here)

It gets confusing sometimes (try watching all of these intermittently!) but it sure helps me deal with my boredom during the day when Sabine's asleep or when there's no one to chat with on YM. It also beats the heck out of watching all those stupid TV shows in the afternoon. But all of these series have been on hiatus and initially, we were at a loss about what to do, especially at night after tucking the kids in bed.

So DB suggested the CSI Series, of which there are three: CSI, CSI NY and CSI Miami. Whoopeee! Why didn't I think of that? =p We have been watching these and we're totally hooked! Right now we are focused on CSI Miami and I'm really impressed with the show's writers who never fail to come up with one interesting episode after another. I can stay in bed and watch the entire day! Couch potato? You bet!

I miss my Dr. McDreamy though =( I can't wait to find out what happens next on GA. In the meantime, his gorgeous face is on my cellphone's wallpaper hee hee! =)

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