Monday, September 3, 2007

Kate Walsh gets married

I hated her the first time she appeared on Grey's Anatomy. But later on, I was able to detach the character from the real person (hahaha --- I take GA too seriously) and realized this girl has one of the prettiest faces I've seen

With her now husband, movie executive Alex Young who at 36 is 3 years Kate's junior. I just love the dress/top (whatever it is) she's wearing in this pic

Too bad this pic's blurry, obviously from a paparrazzi cam She wore a Monique Lhuillier gown. Hooray for Pinay talent!

And speaking of Kate Walsh...I really can't wait for her new TV series PRIVATE PRACTICE to start airing this fall!!!


  1. Weepee! I love Kate Walsh! I love Addison Shepherd, too. Heehee.

    I was gonna say WHAT A HIDEOUS GOWN, but then it's by a Pinay, and I'm biased, so hooray! :D

  2. Hehehe funny but that was my initial take on the gown, too. I just didn't want to judge it based on the blurry pic I found =)

  3. Great blog! Enjoyed reading your posts... I'm a GA fan also and in love with McDreamy... One reason for my blog name... I also find Kate Walsh pretty, especially in the last season, she was really cool and funny!

  4. Thanks again for dropping by, mcdreamer! Aren't we all in love with Patrick D.? =p