Sunday, September 16, 2007

Bazaar Day - gossip and shopping!

After being stressed-out and sleepless for a few days while taking care of my sick little one, I took half the day "off" yesterday to go to the Sweet Sexy Thang Bazaar @ the Intercon Hotel. It was also my chance to see good friends, Pao and Smile whom I hadn't seen in a while.

The bazaar wasn't as big as the usual ones, but there were lots of interesting things to see and buy. Needless to say, everyone's favorite Baubles Bangles 'n Beads was there. So were regular bazaristas ---Silly Me Clothing, Angeli's Beads, Dean & Trent, Cole Vintage, Flatterbuy, BE (my favorite store in Greenhills Theater Mall), Pink Belter and a few more that I failed to take note of.

I will not share the gossip part of course hee hee! But here's yesterday's loot:

2 pairs of shoes from Ichigo : Nina Sandals and Izumi Pointed Flats
(oops...the sandals I got from Charm's stall pala in GH yesterday)

Can a trip to the bazaar be complete without scoring these beauties?
Hand-painted bangles from Baubles Bangles 'n Beads
The one on top is Anissa's

And at the very last minute...scored this pretty eyelet trapeze dress from BE
My friend Pao did an excellent job convincing me to get it in this color (I'm not a fan of the color navy). I wanted the white one but it was the last piece they had and I found a few snags on the fabric here and there

I would've wanted to stay longer but DH was waiting for me so we could have dinner together (he didn't know at this point about the dent I put on his atm account hahaha!). So ladies...'til our next chismax session? I can hardly wait!!!

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