Friday, September 21, 2007

Some much-needed girl bonding

Eversince I became a stay-at-home Mom, I have spent about 70% of my time at home. That's a HUGE change from my old lifestyle. When I was working, it was the other way around. But I've learned to look forward to waking up each day and not worrying about what to wear or getting to the office on time. Being a SAHM has its share of perks which I've learned to appreciate.

Every so often though, I also like the idea of spending time outside of the home, especially if it means meeting up with good friends for a few hours of shopping, eating or just having coffee. That's exactly what I did last night when I drove to Serendra to mee up with the Havies and the Baghags =)

That's me with Pia and Smile

The Baghags and Paowie checking out Beauty Corner's

Next stop: Figaro for coffee, tea, dessert and more bonding!

Our signature group photo before heading home

Let's get together again soon please! =)

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