Sunday, September 9, 2007

Out with the old, in with the new

My living room set has seen better days.  I made the mistake of buying one in leather even if I knew I was in for some obvious risks. But the stubborn Scorpio just had to get her way because I found that particular set in a pretty mustard color (I love shades of yellow) and I just couldn't take my mind off it. I'm not sure how many years it's been with me but one look at it will tell you it needs to go into retirement. It also didn't help that my girls discovered they can turn it into a trampoline, obviously not content with just jumping on the bed like most kids do. No amount of yelling and stern warnings was able to stop them from further deteriorating the already sorry state of my couches =(

But FINALLY the other day DH and I found the perfect replacement and I am sooooo happy that I can finall cross it off my list of Things to Buy.  Unfortunately though I can't post any photos just yet because the set that was ready to be taken home wasn't in the upholstery color that we want. This time I had to be practical. I had to choose a dark-colored fabric (chocolate brown) because Sabine likes hanging out in the living room in the daytime so I need to make sure the fabric doesn't stain easily. It has to be really comfortable and cozy as well because we have a TV set in the living room and I'm a couch potato =)  The set will be ready in 2-3 weeks...sounds like forever!  But I'm sure the wait will over soon and I'll be able to relish the feeling before I know it.

My favorite home store is Our Home in SM Megamall and this is where we bought our new set. Looking around the store yesterday, I found that their area rugs are on sale at half off until Sept. 13.  I found a couple of potentials in their huge stack and I'm hoping I can run back there before the 13th to get one. And while I was at it, I also canvassed around for a new set of ready-made drapes (the ones that SM carries under the ARQ brand are really nice!).  For approximately 1,200 a panel, I was almost ready to grab some bright yellow ones but DH stepped on the brakes and told me to wait a bit til Monday or Tuesday. Oh well...what's a couple of days or so? I think I can hold my breath safely until then *wink*.

Will post pics as soon as I've put everything together. Excitement in my bones! =)  Thanks, Hon for my post-anniversary present hehehe! =p

P.S. Almost forgot to squeeze this favorite brand for picture frames Umbra is also on sale in Our Home. They're quite expensive at regular prices but the quality is incomparable. Some of the ones I have at home now have been with me since Anissa was a wee toddler and they're all still looking good. Might as well grab a few of those as well because I have so many photos of the girls that are rotting away in storage. =)

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