Sunday, September 2, 2007

The Queen of Cheap attacks!

I gathered my latest stash for a "family" photo, so proud of what I've bought lately with my humble housewife's budget (and lots of help from my well-trained, bargain hunting nose hehe!) The newest additions:
Left to right:
Skinny Jeans for Anissa from SM Dept Store, my most expensive purchase @ 600
Bisou Bisou skinny jeans for me from the Greenhills tiangge @ 500 (perfect fit, i swear! even better than the ones I got from Tophsop )
Brown woven strappy wedges from Unlisted @ 500+
Black patent peeptoes from Greenhills tiangge @ 350 (they don't look as cheap as some of the other styles I've seen there. also comes in gold and silver.)
Unbranded dark denim mini skirt from Greenhills tiangge @ only 250! (i haggled to death, the saleslady must really hate me )
American Eagle hunter green pullover from JJ (my favorite overruns store because they don't carry the usual stuff) @ the Greenhills tiangge for 500. They also have it in navy, cream, light grey, dark grey, teal and rust.
Enamel Owl Pendant necklace from mypinkcloset on Multiply for 500 (been looking for this for a while. A store in Power Plant sells the same necklace for a whopping 1,500 blah!)
Assorted Bangkok enamel bangles from the Greenhills tiangge @ only 100 each because I got a lot (the large striped one was 200)
Brown and black patent ballet flats from Shoebox @ 550 each

So what's my favorite shopping place?
Happy happy joy joy!


  1. where's shoebox located? thanks!

  2. Shoebox has stalls all over the Greenhills tiangge. You won't miss them =)