Friday, September 21, 2007

Food Review : Puff Mommy

My friends have been talking about Puff Mommy's Cream Puffs for quite a while now. But I didn't get to try them out until the other day because that was the first time I chanced upon a delivery scheduled in my area.

I was supposed to meet up with Puff Mommy's (better known as Levon, that's her real name) driver somewhere along Boni Avenue but I was scared to drive out because it was raining so hard and well...Boni Avenue is notorious for flash floods, yikes! Guess what? She was kind enough to tell me that she'll just have my order delivered right to my doorstep. Now THAT'S customer service for you *wink*!

I found myself popping two of these in my mouth at midnight last night --- OMG!!! That's how good they are! Just please pardon the crappy photos. My digicam's battery is currently charging so I had to use my cellphone to take them. I am definitely going to order these again =)

To order from Levon, just visit Puff Mommy's website. You won't regret it =)

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