Saturday, September 15, 2007

What a day!

It's only 9pm. My mind is normally still so alive at this time but not tonight. I woke up an hour ago from a 2-hour nap with Sabine but I feel like I didn't nap at all. That's because I had only 2 hours of sleep last night.

Sabine burned up again at around 2:30am. After her sponge bath and a dose of Tempra, she went almost right back to sleep but I kept myself awake until her temperature stabilized (thanks to my CSI Miami episodes). Fell asleep without meaning to at around 5am and then Sabine woke me up a couple of hours later. She still had a temperature!

Following doctor's orders, Neal and I decided to bring her to Cardinal Santos for a CBC. Got there at 10am, ran to the pedia's clinic to get my request form then proceeded to the laboratory, where a long queue waited for me. ONLY IN THE PHILIPPINES! Finally after about 20 mins of standing in line and just as those varicose veins were about to pop, my number was called. But of course I had to run back to the lobby where the cashier counters were to pay first. Good thing there were 4 counters open so I spent less than 2 minutes waiting for my turn to settle the bill.

Back at the lab, I prepared myself for the struggle. I took Sabine from yaya and put her on my lap. When the guy took her middle finger, she immediately knew that something "bad" was gonna happen and began to squirm her way out of my grip. Yaya was holding both her legs and I had one hand holding both her hands, the other trying to keep her head in place (she was shaking it vigorously and I didn't want the technician or whatever you call him to repeat the procedure because Sabine was moving a lot). When it was all over, they actually had to re-dress her finger 3 times because she managed to take the gauze and tape off. This little girl was so angry! Oh did I forget to mention where Neal was? He was OUTSIDE the lab. Couldn't bear to see his baby girl in pain. Awww...

We waited a whole hour to get the results and I seriously felt like I held my breath that entire time. Finally at around a little after 12 noon, the pedia texted me: Hi! CBC is consistent with mild infection. Platelet count still high. If she still has fever tom am bring her back 2 c me. Continue with Klaricid for now.

ALLELUIA IT'S NOT DENGUE!!! Thank you, thank you Papa Jess for taking care of Sabine! We are not completely out of the woods yet because tomorrow is crucial but I am so relieved to know that we can absolutely rule out Dengue. That matters a lot to us!

I'm hoping I can get a decent amount of sleep tonight, not just because I want it so badly but because that would primarily mean that Sabine is okay.

Note: This was supposed to be posted yesterday.

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