Sunday, September 9, 2007

It ain't over 'til it's over!

No photos to post. I was too engrossed in today's DLSU-ADMU match to remember to bring out my cellphone (cameras were strictly banned from Araneta, there was a counter right by the gate where people were requested to leave theirs).

It was excitement no-end from start to finish. But alas, only one team could win and it wasn't ours Call me OA but I still feel bad about this loss. I don't know which hurts more...the fact that we lost by just 2 points or that we lost to our biggest rival. Our boys could have also done much much better on the free throw line. They just kept missing those shots! But the BIGGEST letdown for me was seeing how off JV Casio's game was. He's always been my favorite and his non-performance today (he made just 6 points, I think) still puzzles me as I write.

Both schools are now tied at second place. Ateneo has the twice to beat advantage. Do I honestly think our boys can redeem themselves? I don't want to force myself to answer that question right now. I still have faith in them, there is no question about that. Let's just say...I'M REALLY HOPING AGAINST HOPE THAT THEY DO. This is not a good time to lose. There is so much to prove after having been suspended from the games for a whole year. It's crunch time and I desperately need to see that light at the end of the tunnel.

Let me just end this entry by acknowledging that the Blue Eagles really pushed hard to win today and I truly admire them for their passion. That doesn't include though the 50 something year old lady who was seated very near us and who kept looking our way, screaming all sorts of things I cannot even mention here. She ALMOST made me forget my manners!


  1. Great game. :)

    I HOPE TO GOD you guys beat UE on Thursday. I am dying to see that UE team fall under pressure in the Final 4.

    Remember 2002 when they had their foot in the finals, but lost in the last second? They crumble in the Final 4. So I wanna see this set of boys fight. Hahaha.

    Besides, if you beat UE (assuming Ateneo beats UP), another green vs. blue game to settle the #2 spot. Yippeee! :D

  2. Hey Angel...still feeling bad over that painful loss last Sunday but in all honesty, your boys were all heart that day and I take my hat off to them. About UE, well let's far they've pushed hard consistently throughout. I'm hoping Coach Franz has something up his sleeve to pull the rug out from under the Warriors. I would like to see our schools battle it out in the finals because it's been too long!!!

  3. Woops. Ateneo beats NU pala, not UP--mistake in my last comment. :)

    Anyway, there's no chance for us to meet in the finals na this year eh. :( Best case scenario is the playoff for #2, then the two games in the final 4. :)