Thursday, September 13, 2007

My meantime boy : Jonathan Togo

In a previous entry, I wrote about all the TV series I'm watching being on hiatus so I've been killing my time watching old episodes of CSI.

No, I'm not replacing my original Patrick Dempsey. He'll always be number one on my list. I do find Wentworth Miller of Prison Break cute, too so he's number 2. And now I've found a 3rd! I call him my meantime boy because of the absence of the first two boys I mentioned.

Jonathan Togo didn't strike me as cute the first time he appeared on CSI Miami. His character replaced a fallen CSI whose character I had grown fond of. I was taking his death a bit too seriously so when new CSI Ryan Wolfe (Togo) joined the team, I was like, okay fine. But I grew to love him as I watched episode after episode. They also managed to improve his looks a lot from this...

Notice the Farrah Fawcett flipped hair? Eeewww! Hahaha!


OMG!!! Huge huge improvement right???

All this shameless drooling from a 38-year old mother of 2 hahaha but I don't care because he is just soooooo cute! I love his character to death and he is the main reason I can't stop watching CSI Miami. I've become a bit more forgiving of David Caruso's obnoxious character because I always look forward to seeing this guy on screen.

Drooling all over myself as I type

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