Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Christmas is in the air!

It just dawned on me. Every year I vow to go Christmas shopping early but it's never happened. I always managed to use work as an excuse. What's my excuse this year??? I've been out of work for close to 2 yrs now and I still find myself cramming and shopping at the very last minute --- yes, until the afternoon of Dec 24th hahaha. So I've come to a conclusion, I really am not that OC about holiday shopping. I'm OC about other things but not this. I'm online everyday so I could very well start buying my gifts as early as August if I want to. I know it sounds crazy, what with the terrible traffic jams, the long queues at the cashier, the jampacked parking spaces (I don't have a driver). I know a lot of people who would move heaven and earth to avoid having to deal with these holiday hassles but it seems I never learn my lesson.

This year is no exception. I haven't bought a single gift or placed an order for anything. My Christmas list is already updated, but the column that says "bought and wrapped" is totally blank. And it's already November next week! I have a list of things I want to get for people but it's all just on paper right now. Does that count? Hehehe...

I'm so sure Divisoria is overflowing with crazy holiday shoppers now but what the heck, that's usually my first stop for bulk gifts, not to mention my year-round supply of gift wrappers and ribbons, which I always buy a the end of each year. I'll have to start dropping hints with Neal to come and drive for me when I go. Then again, there's always the Greenhills tiangge which is a stone's throw away from the house. But nothing compares to Divisoria prices, of course!

Oh well...maybe I'll start moving my b*tt soon. Maybe. =p

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