Wednesday, October 3, 2007

For a limited time only

They're here!!! The limited edition Havaianas Metallic Logos are in town! I actually got a text message from a fellow-Havaianas addict yesterday about the release of these babies and our group was actually offered first pick! But car was coded yesterday and I wasn't feeling very well so I had to forego and wait for my good friend, Pia to post photos in her blog.

I stole these from Pia's site

Havaianas Metallic Logo colors

More Metallic Logo colors! It's so hard to choose!

They also released this : with crystals

In white too!

Thanks to my friends and co-addicts, I will soon be the proud owner of the forest green and yellow Metallic Logos. I tried so hard not to give in to the temptation because I'm really not prepared to spend on anything at the moment. But there's just too much love going around in this group...not to mention lots of teasing on the side so OKAY FINE, GET ME THOSE TWO PAIRS AND I'LL FIND A WAY TO PAY YOU WHENEVER BWAHAHAHAHAHA!

Available colors for the Metallic Logo are : Rose Blush, orange, yellow, fuschia, aqua, navy, royal blue, dark (forest) green, lime green, lavender, tomato (red), brown and black. Priced at P1,095 a pair.

The Swarovski Crystal Top comes in white, silver and brown and costs P1,295 each.

They're all available in MOANA, on the ground floor of Power Plant Mall (near BPI and Banco de Oro).

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