Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Off to the finals! ANIMO LA SALLE!

My throat was sore and I felt exhausted from all the jumping and screaming, but it was all worth it because my beloved DLSU GREEN ARCHERS brought the house down last Sunday with a 5 point win against biggest archrival
Ateneo de Manila University.

This was the final score

A do or die game is always exciting! But it's also nerve-wracking when longtime "enemies" come face to face the way these two schools did last weekend. Let me just say that I don't remember the last time I saw Araneta Coliseum that packed. Since the season started, this was the first time I failed to feel any air-conditioning at all. According to reliable sources, there were 23,000 people in the venue, more than the crowd drawn by Thrilla in Manila, the Ali-Frazier boxing match in 1975. I can believe that! I didn't even get to use the restroom because the lines were ridiculously long!

Both teams were hungry to win, for the chance to go up against UE in the finals. I don't know how my friends on the other side of the fence feel but I think the La Sallites wanted this win just a little bit more than they did. After a whole year of absence from the entire UAAP league, the Green Archers along with the entire La Sallian community are out to prove something, most especially to those Ateneans who very kindly reminded us again about last year's suspension. The suspension is a thing of the past, something the entire community is not proud of and would like to forget. All we want is to move forward and prove ourselves worthy again!

Fortunately for us loyal La Salle fans, the boys really outdid themselves! Awesome defenses, amazing plays!!! Sure there were errors and misses here and there but they were forgivable. I have to admit, I've been slightly disappointed with their performance lately. I've been wanting to see the likes of Ren Ren Ritualo, Mac Mac Cardona, Mike Cortez and Joseph Yeo and the recent games have only made me miss these guys on the court even more. But I'm still recovering from the high of last Sunday's win. The boys played with so much heart and that's the kind of thing I've been waiting for!

TY, Jvee, Cholo, Rico, PJ, Bader, Simon and the rest of the gang...thank you for making us proud!!! If we beat UE and become this season's champions, that will be just the icing on my cake.



  1. Congrats to us! Finally, when it mattered the most!! :)