Monday, October 15, 2007

Knocked out

I haven't felt this bad in a long time. I felt the onset of a cold as early as the start of the week and I immediately doubled my usual Vitamin C daily intake. I honestly thought I was safe when mid-week kicked in and I was feeling much, much better. Heck, I even had a job interview last Thursday and aced it (happy, happy!). But I began to feel bad again come Friday morning so I made sure I got some rest because we all had to be in Anissa's school early the next day for this year's Family Day celebration. I really wasn't looking forward to going anymore because I knew that the heat would only help aggravate my condition. But I've never missed going and I didn't want to break my little girl's heart. So it was off to St. Paul at 7:30 am and we stayed 'til about lunchtime, yes, in all of that heat! But I still thought I felt alright when we got home. Sunday was spent with the rest of my family, as usual and this time I knew it was really, really coming. So I asked Neal to please please call up the masahistas and make them come so that I can atleast get a decent night's sleep, which I did last night.

True enough, I woke up this morning with a temperature and a head that felt as light as a feather. I couldn't even get up to pee --- had to sit up, wait a few seconds then got up after that but very slowly walked to my bathroom. I was out for the most part of the day, waking up only when I had to eat or take my meds. Who was I kidding? The girls were sick one after another about less than a month ago. Just last week it was Neal who had it. So I had to know it was just a matter of time before it got me, right?!

Ugghhh...I just hate being sick. I hate being immobile but in this case I really had no choice because my entire body just felt so tired and heavy. My poor Sabine didn't even get to see me during the day because I stayed locked up in my room, fearing that these deadly germs might find their way into the rest of the house.

Where's my Airborne when I need it??? I recently ran out and my latest order is just on its way here. But I'm glad there's that old reliable Pei Pa Koa to take care of this nasty cough. I swear my medicine cabinet is never without it. Oh well...if there's any consolation, I've been well taken cared of. DH has been on his toes since last night. I'm still feeling a little woozy but I just had to sit in front of my pc and write a few thoughts down lest I get bed sores from lying down the whole day.

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