Friday, October 26, 2007

It's a girl thing

DH: New shoes again? (in fairness...not sounding p*ssed naman)

Me: Yup, aren't they nice???

DH: Yeah...

Me: Yeah what? Yeah they're nice or yeah yeah whatever?

DH: They're nice. Just do you intend to wear all of your shoes?
Do you even know how many pairs you have?

Me: No, I don't know how many I have and it's not important for me to know hehe. How do I intend to wear them? I'll wear them whenever I want to --- this pair today, another one tomorrow. It's as simple as that, Hon.

DH: Tsk tsk tsk...I can never understand a woman's need for many many pairs of shoes.

Me: Believe me, sometimes I don't either. But it's just there...the want to buy a new one, even if you know there are those sitting in your cabinet that you haven't even touched.

DH: Let me challenge you...

Me: Oh sound scary!

DH: I'm not gonna ask you to throw them away. But choose maybe 4 pairs and use them interchangingly. Just those 4! Can you live with that?

Me: wriggling in my seat and searching for an answer

DH: You look like you're about to faint hahaha!

Me: What's in it for me?

DH: What???

Me: If I take on your challenge, what's in it for me??? If I'm able to successfully use just 4 pairs out of everything I have for the next weeks or so, what's my prize?

DH: slowly showing that "I should've kept my mouth shut" look on his face

Me: A new pair maybe??? Okay --- call!

Moral of the story : never ever try to understand a woman's quirks, especially when it comes to pretty things. You never will!!!


  1. anovah!?! you'll lose this challenge unless SUPER worth it yung at stake!!!

    they will never understand. I was telling a coworker how i was obsessing over this coat at bloomies eh it's friggin 600bucks. WHATDAHELLSWRONGWITHYOU???!!! ang sabi sa akin. hahhahaha :)

  2. Sabihin mo "nothing wrong with me! it comes with the package" Hahaha =D