Friday, October 26, 2007

All time favorite : GAP

I'm an avid bargain hunter so it would only be natural that one of my most favorite stores would be THE GAP (and Old Navy, too). I've never missed checking out their stores whenever we're on vacation in the US. I'm glad that there's now online shopping so we can buy even if we can't physically be in the store. Sidenote: I heard that the Rustan's people are planning to bring in these brands but I doubt if the prices will be as friendly.

Just couldn't resist these...they're super comfy, I feel like I'm wearing slippers =) I could kiss the person who invented ballet flats!

Leather fitted ballet flats from THE GAP
(in black patent and distressed gold)
Love 'em!!!


  1. I don't work for Gap Inc anymore pero loyal pa din to in spite of their slump. Who doesn't know the GAP diba? Lalo na dito. Staple. One of my most memorable experiences working both retail and corporate. I LAV ET!!!!

  2. they're opening a freestanding The Gap boutique in TriNoma near the Zara ek ek wing!

  3. chelle...don't you just miss your employee discount? Hehehe! Hindi ko man lang nagamit haha =D

    anna...yup, I heard nga. I'm not sure if I'm excited about it. First of all, I'm thinking baka the prices won't be as reasonable. Secondly, I don't really like going to Trinoma because of the distance =)