Sunday, February 26, 2012

Bittersweet Moment

I'm still trying to recover from yesterday's exhaustion, plus the mini-heartache we all experienced from losing the Champion title in the WNCAA 2012 Cheerdance Competition.

We were, of course, expecting to win back-to-back titles but we didn't. The girls went home with the 1st Runner Up trophy and individual medals. The routine was executed flawlessly. We were totally hyped because of this. We know how hard our girls have worked these past few weeks. I've dealt with Anissa's tired and cranky post-training episodes at home, a witness to her frustrations and stress-filled moments. I was so sure we would go home 100% happy.

BUT ... the girls didn't get what they hoped to bring home. I won't deny it. I'm a mother whose heart breaks each time my kids are disappointed and sad. My heart broke the minute the results were announced. Not that 1st Runner Up means nothing. After recovering from that brief moment of disbelief, I had no choice but to pick up the (tiny) pieces and put them back together for when I face my daughter. After all, as parents, we need to lead by example. The girls were crying on the floor as they stepped forward to accept their trophy and medals. Their reaction was expected, of course.

Moving forward though, I am even more proud of them for giving it their all and I can only hope that the lessons from this small defeat are processed well and used properly. Anissa says it still hurts and I can't help but hurt somehow. Hurt, in this case, is a good thing though. The pain of losing is making her look forward to their next big competition in March, with a more intense resolve to do well. THAT is what really counts.


It's not whether you win the game so much as HOW you play it

Congratulations to the
SPCP High School Pep Varsity
1st Runner Up in the 2012 WNCAA Cheerdance Competition

Still a champion in my book!

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