Monday, February 20, 2012

Chew your juice!

I first tried this drink a few months back and I loved it, but I totally forgot to stock-up (what I get for being 40 something, really). Then last week, I was in Bonchon Shang Mall with Pia to grab some takeout food for our weekly meeting and rediscovered it.

I haven't tried the two other flavors (Buco and something) but this one is just pure love! I love lychees, that's why. The bits of nata de coco give the drink a nice twist. My teenager hates to put add-ons in her milk tea, which I find really, really strange. I'm her exact opposite. I like milk tea with pearls ... lots of it! That's why I love Mogu Mogu. Without the Nata de Coco, I probably wouldn't pay any attention to it.

I haven't explored yet but I'm sure this costs a lot less in stores like 7-11. In Bonchon, I had to pay P45 a bottle ... aaaccckk!

Does anyone know how much it should REALLY cost?


  1. Php 30-32 per bottle. Mini-stop or SM.

  2. Huwaw! A huge mark-up! Thanks thanks!

  3. I love Mogu Mogu! My favorite's buko flavor. Well, that's the only one I've tried, actually. I'm picky with drink flavors kasi. And I'm maarte like that. Hehehe. :)

    In SM Hypermarket, each bottle costs Php 29.50. I think it's the same in 7-11.

  4. Hi, April! I've been buying Mogu Mogu from 7-11 because it's cheaper hehehe. I haven't tried their other flavors though.