Monday, February 20, 2012

New Week, New Look!

I was up so late last night, waiting for Sabine's temperature to go down a bit before going to sleep. I decided to be productive and was inspired by Melvel's Closet and her blog's new look. I'd been thinking about re-doing my blog's look for a while now but I just haven't had the time to do it. I did this myself (no, not the template --- it's free LOL). What I mean is, I didn't pay anyone to make a design for me. Oh but I'm so tempted to get the same girl who did Mel's site because her designs are so cute and unique! (See them at

Anyway, here's the new look I ended up with after scouring through about a dozen different sites that offer freebies for Blogger. I ended up going back to the same site from which I got my last layout/theme. I like this a lot better. It's cleaner and the colors are not too loud. I also love the "bunting" details. I'm definitely happy!

It's a rainy, rainy Monday ... definitely not a good time to wake up to bed weather.
Monday and rain ... they don't go well together.

I hope you all stay safe and dry today!

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