Friday, February 10, 2012

Valentine Food at Milky and Sunny

Is Valentine's Day overrated? I would have to say yes AND no. Yes, because I'm not a hopelessly romantic person. No, because I'm still after all a girl (okay, woman) and I want to be wined and dined on special occasions such as V-Day. I just don't like Valentine promos that are too "cheesy" and predictable. Some promos are just so "in your face" and that's what I don't like.

Look at Milky and Sunny's Valentine set-up

And that's about it. Really simple and sweet but straightforward. Just the way I like it.

Here are their offerings for the month of February

Just like their set-up, these treats are not over-the-top and the presentation is exactly the way you see it in the photo, which is a huge plus for me. (I just hate it when the food looks so good on the menu and then a lot less appetizing when it's actually in front of you) On the right is the Strawberry Pancake with Toblerone Sauce (P180.00) and on the left, Mozzarella and Strawberry French Toast (P160.00).

Here are my own photos, just to show you what they actually look like on the plate. Not bad huh??

I tried both yesterday but had more of the Mozzarella and Strawberry French Toast. Both are highly-recommended! I was trying to imagine what mozzarella and strawberries would taste like together. I thought the combination was kind of strange at first but it surely didn't disappoint. Too bad these are only available this month.

Come dinner time (yes, our gang hangs out here a lot and for long periods LOL!), I made a huge leap. From my usual Beef Tapa, one of their best-sellers and my super duper favorite, this time I had Tocino. My friends have been raving about it so without thinking about it much, it's what I had for a change.

Two thumbs up!!! I would have to say, I will alternate these two from now on. I can't ever completely turn my back on the Beef Tapa because that's to die for too.

Run over to Milky and Sunny at #9 East Capitol Drive Kapitolyo, Pasig
They're open from Monday to Sunday, 7am to 10pm

Have a restful weekend, everyone!!!

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