Friday, December 7, 2007

Friday night bullets

Yes, I am home on a Friday night as usual. DH is currently in China on business (but texted me earlier to say he wanted to go around and shop) and won't be back 'til Monday. The kids are quiet and although I want to crash in bed, I still have a ton of gifts to wrap for the Christmas party we're attending tomorrow.

  • I called my very first meeting today I have one week to go before my "baptism of fire" (my first mall event next weekend) and we are so far on track and aligned yippeeee!
  • Lunch today at the Philamlife Tower food court. Wanted to eat in Green Tomato but the line was sooooo long so I settled for some good old Katsudon from the Jap place there.
  • I CAN'T DRESS DOWN ON FRIDAYS! I still had to wear dress pants to work today because I'm based in the head office and there is no such thing as casual Fridays there. BLAH!
  • On my way home, passed by Power Plant to grab some scrapbooking stuff from National Bookstore, for my friend's daughter who requested them for Christmas. I, of course, had to go around the mall after that "just to look" (my sorry excuse forever and ever) and went home with a pair of grey skinny jeans from one of my favorite stores, Bayo. Wehehe! Ang tigas ng ulo...sinabi na ngang work clothes lang muna dapat!
  • When I got home, my little girl was standing by the front door eagerly waiting for me to get out of the car...awwwwww! She's been missing me a lot I can tell! While I was having dinner, she insisted on sitting on my lap the entire time and played around with my food as well. I guess it's her way of wanting to be close to me after a whole day of not seeing and having me around the house.
  • Was so disappointed to find out that my next mall event is in Dec 28 and 29, which means I would have to cancel all our plans of spending a few days in Subic with my family. I told DF about it and he simply said : Eh di maiwan ka! ABA!!!
  • I am so looking forward to tomorrow night's party because it's the one my barkada has annually. I haven't seen the girls in ages and I really, really was starting to miss them terribly na. Too bad Neal isn't around to bond with the boys.
  • Looking forward even more to the PGH Pediatric Cancer Ward Christmas Party on Sunday I'm still feeling overwhelmed by all the donations that came in.

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