Sunday, December 23, 2007

My Holiday Gratitude List

It's sad that I've stopped making my daily thank you list. I used to do this religiously until I somehow just forgot to do it. I know I should be blogging about a wish list instead, just like everyone else has. But I'd rather write about the things I'm grateful for. Anyhoo...there is no better time than now to get back into that old habit.

Just some of the things I am TRULY thankful for and proud to share with everyone here:

FAMILY - it's a given, of course. DF, who in his own way never fails to make me feel that I'm still Daddy's little girl. Even if he has successfully managed to spoil my girls to bits, he remains to be the number one authority on anything and everything that concerns all of us. True, he is dictatorial and sometimes even extremely controlling but that's how he is and I wouldn't even dream of having him any other way than what I've grown accustomed to in my 39 yrs. He is overprotective yet extremely loving in his own way. DM, for being 101% ready to catch me anytime AND she knows exactly when I need to be caught! She's like this huge safety net, forever outstretched and prepared to soften all of my otherwise lethal falls. DB, for forever being the family's baby. I sometimes complain about having to still take care of him in all of his 37 yrs but I guess I'll also be the first to say that as an older sister, it's a job I probably won't ever want to give up. He's the girls' favorite Ninong. Although he's just like DF, not too showy or vocal, my girls are so endeared to him and I love him to death for treating them like his own. DH...what can I say? He made my dream of being a SAHM come true for almost 2 years. And although I've discovered that it is not entirely for me and I chose to work part-time again to regain my identity (and financial independence), he remains supportive and told me he'll always be that way no matter what I decide to do with my life hehehe. His super powers are still in full force. I love that he is such a problem-solver. I never have to worry so much about what to do when a crisis comes up. He's always on his toes, armed with a solution everytime. He's a big baby sometimes but aren't they all? My DDs who are my constant and permanent source of happiness and fulfillment. I'm always at a loss for words whenever I think of them and how much they've changed my life. DH's family, my in-laws, for always being first to run to his rescue anytime and everytime. Their closeness is unparalleled, one for the books.

FRIENDS - My Christmas list is definitely longer than it used to be but I'm not complaining. I thank both those who have stayed with me all these years, and the ones whom I discovered I should've crossed off my list ages ago hahaha! Seriously speaking, my friends are one of my biggest treasures. I couldn't possibly have gone through all of life's trials without them and I am what I am today largely due to my relationships with them.

THE HAVIES and other online friends - These girls have proven beyond doubt that you CAN find true and lasting friendships online. I don't have to say much because they know how grateful I am for having them around. Just like my other friends whom I've known for so long, they've been there for me and I know in my heart they always will be. I'm also proud to have met and touched base with a few new ones. Cheers to all of you and here's to many more crazy conversations and fun EBs!

WORK FRIENDS AND BOSSES - Some of you might think that having 3 bosses is a killer. In a way, it is. But in my case, it's more a blessing than a disadvantage. I work as a Consultant for 3 big companies and report on a regular basis to 3 bosses...3 wonderful and understanding people! Only 2 weeks into my new job, Sabine was hospitalized and I had to be on emergency leave. I was scared of having to do this so early in my work but was shocked at how supportive and understanding they were about the situation. In less than 10 minutes after I told one of them about my predicament, the texts started to come in from everyone else in the team. All of them with the same concerned just be with my baby first and not to worry about work because we're a team and they're ready to cover for me for as long as needed and that family should always come first. Awwww! I cried when I read their messages and thanked them silently for making things so much easier for me. Yesterday over lunch, one of my 3 bosses pulled me aside and told me in confidence how much she loves my work so far and that if she were asked to give me an evaluation, she'd put this down : I LOVE PATTY. Period. Absolutely one of the best Christmas gifts I've received so far.

MY EVER LOYAL "YAYAY" - Yaya Mila has been with me since Anissa was born almost 12 yrs ago. Took care of Anissa and is now taking care of Sabine. She's more than just a nanny. She's also a friend and to me, a family member. Even if i try, I'll never be able to thank her enough for her dedication and the love she's given both my girls. She laughs with us when the girls are happy, is just as proud as I am about their achievements and cries with me when they're sad or sick. I know I'll always be able to rest easy and not worry about anything when she's around and I really hate to think that one day when the girls are all grown up, she'll choose to go home and be with her kids for a change. We just love her so much.

The list can go on and on because really...there is just TOO MUCH to be thankful for this year. It's always good to remember our blessings, big or small, to keep us grounded and in touch with reality. When things get too toxic or when we seem to be badgered with problems, it's best not to forget that God doesn't sleep, HE never just gives us trials. There is always a certain amount of "good in every bad". All we need to do is OPEN our eyes to see.

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