Tuesday, February 5, 2013

What I Wore To My Own Prom

A writer friend recently asked me some questions pertaining to Anissa's first prom experience and it got me thinking about my very own Junior Prom more than 25 years ago (cough!).

I always tell people what a challenging time that was because everyone knows how strict and over-protective Daddy was with me. Let's not dwell on that this time. I'm really trying to recall all the other fun details. Like my dress! 

I'm not exactly sure if FUN is the word. If Anissa were to see a photo of me that night, I'm sure I'd be the butt of her jokes. 

I don't remember having a hand in choosing my prom dress. It was all my Mom's decision back then. The dress was flown in by a family member from the US and it was of the RTW kind. I can't recall the brand but it was either Jessica McClintock or Laura Ashley. Those of you in my generation must be getting a feel of what the dress might look like.

I can't find an old photo of me wearing it (and even if I did, I would never share it here hahaha!) but this is the closest I can get

Is anyone laughing now? I can't blame you hahaha! But to me back then, this was the prettiest dress ever. You see, I was a wall flower, a late bloomer. Unlike most girls in my high school batch, I didn't have a steady group of boy friends, I didn't always go to weekend parties (in Manila Polo Club, the Corinthians or Valle Verde clubhouses). So I wanted something simple and conservative. My Mom chose a dress that looked almost like the one in this photo. Except of course it wasn't white.  My dress was in a sky blue shade and the accents were in beige. If I had long hair, I would've looked like Jane Seymour in Somewhere In Time!  

My shoes were from Via Venetto. Yes, they were already a famous shoe store back then! They were super simple pointed beige pumps that looked like this

My purse? Sorry ... that I really have no recollection of. 

My hair and make up were by Budjiwara. Mommies my age, tell me you don't know who Budjiwara is! Hahaha! It was THE salon back then. Much like Emphasis or Henri Calayag today. 

My date was from Lasalle Greenhills (my cousin's group mate), whose name I won't mention because I'm pretty sure he's married with kids by now and we really didn't become friends after the prom. 

The prom was held at the Mandarin Oriental Hotel on Makati Avenue, the very same one that's still around today. 

It's always so nice to recall all those fun high school milestones. As my Anissa prepares to go into full prom mode, I can only step back and watch my once little girl blossom into a young lady on Prom Night. I'm so lucky that she has asked me to be this involved in all the preparations. 

Bringing out the tissue soon!


  1. But your dress is cuteeee! <3. Hindi ako nakapag JS Prom nung 3rd year HS ako. Because nagka chicken pox ako :( kaya excited ako nung 4th year JS 1st timer haha!

    1. What an awful time to get the chicken pox! Atleast nakabawi ka the following year :)

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  3. Maganda naman ah! Parang Lady Di dress.

    I had a fugly prom dress. All covered in lace rin siya. Pero all pink. At V-neck. Tapos may tatlong ribbon (yung parang bow tie) sa may tiyan na covered in lace rin. Ewan ko anong point nun!!! Pinatahi lang sa tabi tabi, kasi 5 days to go, prom na. Didn't even bother to prepare for it. Hiyang hiya ako sa damit na yun, but I didn't have anything else to wear kaya, off to the prom I went. Lahat ng pictures ko, nakatago ako sa likod, para face lang ang kita, not the body. :P

    1. I keep trying to imagine your dress hahaha!