Monday, December 31, 2007

Superman throws in the towel

Yesterday I blogged about taking my DF to the hospital due to high blood pressure. He was thankfully discharged after more than 2 hours and sent home with additional medicines to take. But the whole day today, DM and I monitored him and his blood pressure didn't improve much. In fact, at around dinner time it escalated again to I think 170/100. As soon as I got home, DM texted me saying they were on their way to St. Luke's this time (he had his angiogram there a few yrs ago and DM was thinking this might be able to help the doctors). I told her to convince him not to go home anymore and to have himself confined so we can really find out what's wrong. I promised her I would help make him kulit about it. Our strategy (a.k.a. NAGGING) worked because he finally admitted defeat and allowed himself to be confined.

But that's not even the bad part

Earlier today, after waking up from my afternoon nap with Sabine, I found my helper crying in her room downstairs and I was alarmed at the sight of her. Turns out she just got a text message from her sister saying their mother had passed on. I couldn't believe it. Don't get me wrong...I'm not one of those employers from hell. In fact, I felt so sorry seeing her that way. But I think I felt a just little bit more sorry for myself that very minute. Yaya is still on vacation and for a while I didn't even think I could get a 2nd helper to replace the delinquent one I sent home weeks ago. Now that I've found one, this unfortunate thing happens and my hands are tied because how can I not allow her to go??? She's not leaving me permanently though. Just needs time to see her mother, be with family and take care of the arrangements for the burial. It's just that the timing is so OFF.

I don't even know how I can manage to take care of my Dad in the hospital (I am hoping and praying though that it's nothing major and that he can go home in no time) because I definitely have to be home with the kids.

Dilemmas...dilemmas. Funny though because I'm quite thankful that these problems are coming just as the year is about to close. I'd feel worse if I have to start 2008 this way.

Inhale, exhale!

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