Tuesday, December 11, 2007

It's raining shoes!

Before Neal left for HK and China last week, he asked me to help him figure out what to buy for us for pasalubongs. Tinatanong pa ba yon??? After addressing his work-related agenda, it was shopping time! I was shocked to see how much he had brought home because he told me he didn't want to buy too much. Guess he got carried away, but I don't have the heart to reprimand him because he really got us a lot of great stuff from Ikea (lamps for almost all the rooms in the house), H&M and a lot more. But let me stay focused here. The topic is SHOES, as always. A week later, he's back (but had to deal first with those greedy Customs people at the airport --- you know, it's almost Christmas and they want their share of the pie argh!) and boy am I so happy with these:

The whole caboodle

Crocs Alice and Nike rubber shoes for Sabine

Crocs Alice and Nike rubber shoes for Anissa

Puma sneakers for Neal

Crocs Alice black and brown for me

(only the Mommy is bwahaha!)

Thanks, Hon! You really made my night!

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