Sunday, December 23, 2007

Mommy blues : she's no longer a little girl =(

Okay, I know I've been in denial for the longest time but it's slowly starting to hit me. Anissa will be turning 12 in March, just one more year and she'll officially be a teenager. But as early as now, I see very visible (and painful) signs of her wanting to let go. First, she's been sleeping in her own room now. She uses the excuse that the airconditioning in the master's bedroom is way too cold and she hates it when she has to wake up in the middle of the night, find her blanket and finds it difficult to go back to sleep because of the temperature. I believed this at first. Until I noticed that even during the day she'd ask me if she could turn the aircon in her room on. Everytime she gets a phonecall (from girls naman all the time), she would immediately retreat into the TV room or the bedroom which she shares with Sabine and stays there until the conversation is over. It's the little things like those that I've been ignoring lately. Sure I know they are sure signs that she is growing up. Privacy has become an issue to hear and isn't that one of the first things parents and teenagers argue about???

This morning though, I felt like I received a major BOP on the head when my DM and I were talking over morning coffee and I was telling her I wanted to get the girls a new bed, maybe a double-decker. Turns out, Anissa told DM recently how badly she wants to have her own room. And I quote ...Momsie, you know how much I love my sister right? But I really, really want to have my own room na.

Oh me this is a major thing. She hasn't told me this yet to my face but I'm sure one of these days when she finds me in a good mood and not my usual masungit self, she will. I know it sounds a tad too shallow to be dwelling on (heck, she wants to move out of my room, not the house!) but regardless of the circumstance, I was already warned by mommy friends who have older children : it's the letting go part that really kills you. Whether it's allowing them to move to their own room, go out with friends unchaperoned, go to parties, go out of town, get married! It just gets worse and worse waaahhh!

I'm not gonna say anything to her just yet (in denial pa rin). Maybe I'll wait for her to come and talk to me and ask me straight. I hope that won't be too soon.

I keep trying to imagine how I'd react once she starts getting suitors but I end up getting goosebumps at the mere thought! But DH (who, take note, is Anissa's stepdad)? I know exactly how he would deal with this situation. A boy in our compound started to show a liking for Anissa last year and what did DH do? When the boy was about to ring our doorbell, DH stood there in front of the kid and stared at him for like 10 secs without saying a word. The little boy ran home and never came back


  1. Patty, my Zoe is 8 and sounds like a 30-year old most times. The idea of her growing up so fast is scary. The other day she said, "I want to buy my clothes from Country Road from now on because their clothes make me look classy and very adult." Whoa!!! And she had her first successful sleepover two days ago - which I assume is the start of the many sleepovers about to come. Ganyan talaga.

  2. Riz, oh no and she's only 8! Anissa has never slept over except at her cousins' house and once at school but for legitimate reasons. I haven't allowed her yet and so far, thank God, she hasn't really bugged me about. So hard to raise girls, no?

  3. Patty,

    The PS portion made me laugh :))

  4. The PS portion made me laugh :))

  5. Hahaha it's so like him to do that! Sungit pa naman ng expression nya =)