Thursday, December 20, 2007

Christmas @ our home

I was supposed to post these last week but forgot all about the photos. This year's decorations came up later than usual. I still can't find the Disney stockings (Mickey and Minnie) that are usually hung on the stair railing and I'm still wondering where I could've stashed them. Oh well...didn't change anything this year except for the lights on the tree. I used to have steady white lights but changed them to multi-colored, moving ones for Sabine's sake. The tree trimmers were bought just last year and the lighted houses that make up my mini-Christmas village have been with us for a while.

Our tree

I'm sticking to traditional colors this year, with a few touches of gold

The wooden tree trimmers (on left) are made of narra and stamped Hallmark. They're for export but a friend sold them to me last year. I got 3 sets! They're really nice in person!

Our new tree skirt which we got from Ace Hardware. It was so hard to choose from all the designs they had available.

This baby by the tree is NOT for sale hehe!

You can't see it in the pic but there's a blower inside the Santa thing on the left that makes the "snow" fly around.

And mini Christmas village in lights

The only thing we haven't put up are the pinlights on the plants outside the house.
Once I find my strength, I'll get to it right away.


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