Friday, December 7, 2007

Katie H.'s new hairstyle : do you like it?

I've been following Katie Holmes closely since her engagement to Tom Cruise. I became even more interested in her when she gave birth to daughter, Suri on the same date I gave birth to my Sabine

Here's the latest on Mrs. Cruise...a spanking new hairstyle!

Do you like it? Honestly, I do. But let me qualify that. I LIKE THE CUT BUT NOT ON HER. I think the hairstyle added a good 5 years to her age. If a haircut does that to you, then that's not a good thing at all. Unless she really wants to look more mature because of that huge age gap between the two of them. She looks pretty as always in the photo above but there's something about her look that makes you think --- is that really her beneath all that gunk on her face? I like her so much more in her paparazzi pics because she always looks so laid back and innocent.

See what I mean?
(and as far as Tom Cruise is concerned...I really don't care much about him hehe!)

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