Tuesday, December 11, 2007

I met a real life angel

Her name is Isabel but everyone calls her Shobe. She's 6 and has a brain tumor. But other than her eyes, there are no other evident signs of sickness. She's bubbly, cheerful and always has a ready smile on her face for everyone! The minute I saw her at the PGH Pediatric Ward Christmas Party last Sunday, I knew I was touched. There was just something so intense about her that pulled on my heartstrings. She doesn't look nakakaawa at all. I guess it was her personality that really attracted me to her. At such a tender age, she suffers from something so threatening but apart from her appearance, there's nothing about her that will tell you just how sick she is. She was running around and grabbing everything she could get her hands on ... ice cream, cookies, spaghetti. I could tell she had a big appetite! Every now and then she would run to me to say hi or just give me her winning smile. That endeared me to her even more. Right before I left the party, as I was going around to say goodbye to my friends, I suddenly felt a small hand tugging on my shirt. It was her! Her Mom told me...Ma'am, nakita kasi nya paalis ka na kaya hinila ako, magpapaalam daw po sa inyo. And with that, Shobe gave me a super tight hug and a wet peck on the cheek then waved her chubby hand bye bye. That winning smile was there, of course, and I found it so hard to fight back my tears. I felt so victorious for being able to contain my emotions the entire day (I knew some people were waiting for me to cry bleh!) and then this! But I couldn't give in, not in front of Shobe and her Mom. So while I was choking on my tears, I hugged and kissed her back, said goodbye to her Mom and hurriedly walked to my car where I let it all out. She's been on my mind since then. This afternoon, I texted Tet, my friend who organized the party and told her that I couldn't shake off the thought of Shobe. I asked for Tet's help and told her I want to spend time with Shobe on a regular basis. I want my kids to meet her and I want to get to know her more. Fortunately, Tet knows whom to get in touch with and how to get the information I need because she's been working with the PGH people for years now, throwing parties for the kids every year. I'm hoping she'll get back to me soon because I keep looking at Shobe's picture and wonder how she's doing. Yup, I was touched. By someone I don't even know and met for the first time in my life. I can't explain why. I just know that life won't be the same after meeting her. SEE YOU SOON, cutie pie!

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  1. pls e me on memoriesjr@yahoo.com
    as would like to make a prayer over the phone for her