Friday, December 21, 2007

Yaaaayyy I found her!

Remember the little girl I wrote about previously?

The one who totally stole my heart at the PGH Pediatric Cancer Ward Christmas Party?

I found her!!!

Actually, it was my friend Tet S. who did but not after I badgered her to get me an address or a telephone number or anything I can use
to get in touch.

Thanks for coming through for me, Tetski!!! I really, really owe you one!

I really can't wait to see Shobe again and I keep thinking of what I can do to surprise her

Lunch or merienda in Jollibee?
Carnival rides?
Pasyal in the bay area? (she lives somewhere
in the City of Manila)
A movie perhaps?

So much I want to do with and for her. Anissa is super excited to meet her and is helping me plan our next move.

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