Sunday, December 23, 2007

Excuses, excuses! =p

Trust most men to always be clueless when it comes to gift giving. The only man I know who doesn't need anyone else's help or opinion when it comes to buying gifts for women is my DF. Not once has he bought the wrong thing for either me or my Mom. We always end up with something we like and better yet, something that fits! My DF belongs to a rare breed

DH, on the other hand? Haayy, no element of surprise at all. He chooses to "disguise" his ignorance with the argument : why guess when it's much safer to ask you what you want or need? So what does he do? He asks me what I want, we go to the mall and I point it out to him. Okay ba yan???

This year though for my birthday, he told me utang muna my gift so that got me thinking. Either he didn't have money yet (hahaha!) or he was actually preparing to surprise me with something. I kinda forgot all about it na 'til he got back from HK. I mentioned in another blog that he had problems with the Customs people at the airport and while he was stuck there, I was on the phone with his younger sister who said, "What is he bringing ba??? Puro shoes naman daw yung pinag-iinitan. Diba yung TV he had it sent door to door?" And I was like --- TV? What TV? And I heard a few seconds of silence on the other end of the line hahaha!

When he got home from the airport, I immediately confronted him about this TV thing. And he was quick to say...oh no, the surprise is ruined! I knew he was careful not to upset me because I'm usually against his gadget and electronics purchases. I always give him the 3rd degree and he probably knew I would again subject him to an interrogation. it is.

My supposed belated birthday gift (na papakinabangan din naman nya). But it doesn't end here. He's now looking for a new, more high-tech player to complement this set kasi hindi na daw pwede our current Philips DVD player. Sige na nga lusot na!

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