Sunday, October 7, 2012

On Healing - too good not to share

 It's Sunday, which means I'm going to church today. I can't wait because there are people I haven't seen since my surgeries whom I need to thank profusely. They prayed so hard for me and have reassured N of their continued prayers. I'm seeing them for the first time and I want to express my gratitude personally. Looking forward to it! 

As I travel down the road to recovery, I am constantly exposed and introduced to people who cheer me on and encourage me to move forward. These people, I truly believe, are God-sent. They are brought to me for a reason, by no less than the Lord, who planned everything. I've always believed that every little thing happens for a reason and that there are no accidents in life. 

Take this, for instance ... 

I opened my Twitter account as always and one of the first tweets I saw was Cathy Babao-Guballa's. It had a link to her column on The Philippine Daily Inquirer today. The title was enough to catch my attention. Immediately, I knew I had to go to the link to read what was in it. 

Here it is, if you're interested in finding out why I got so piqued by it. 

My favorite part is this : 

Always, it is in His perfect time that we become healed, and only the scars of battle remain as a constant reminder of the struggle we went through and how His grace never leaves us where He first finds us. 

It's Sunday. It's the perfect time for me to thank the Lord for being present in my life now more than ever, for blessing me with so much grace to handle all the difficulties I've been going through since Daddy died, for blessing my family with the same grace, strength, peace and courage. 

He probably wanted to remind me, by way of Cathy's column, that although there are times I feel sad, alone and worried, He is never too far away. 

I am blessed and I just need to remember it all the time!

Have a blessed Sunday, everyone! 

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