Sunday, October 14, 2012

Saizen is love

The first time I went to Saizen was in 2009. I probably stayed there for more than an hour, scouring through aisle after aisle and shelf after shelf. I have a habit of wanting to see every single thing displayed in a store that I really, really like. I do the same in bookstores and drug stores.

I don't frequent Robinson's Galleria so I was happy when I found out that Saizen is also in the newly-opened Robinson's Magnolia Mall in Aurora Boulevard. While killing time earlier tonight, I went straight in with N and Sabine. I don't know why but I think that their merchandise is way better than Galleria's.

N grabbed a few things he needed for his current DIY project (something to do with fixing the paint on our 2nd car's hood), Sabine grabbed a huge notebook and writing materials (not surprised, she has a fetish for these) and I went home with these

Very Little House on the Prairie! 
For those of you who don't belong to my generation, let me rephrase that 

... very Cath Kidston! :D

I would've gotten more of the floral zippered kits, because I saw at least 3 more different sizes. The ones I chose are good for small gadgets, a few cosmetics, maybe a thin sanitary pad and a small pack of tissue paper. The notebook and the pens, well ... the apple doesn't fall far from the tree. My girls get their love for writing materials and paper from no other than yours truly. I don't need a notebook, but this one just really screamed out to me. I'm pretty sure though that Anissa will want to have it for herself. 

I like that Saizen doesn't ask you if you want to buy a non-plastic, woven eco bag. It's not an option, they really don't use plastic bags anymore. Kudos!!! 

Those of you like me who have a long list of names on their Christmas list, consider Saizen when you go shopping for gifts. I guarantee that you'll find a lot of potential in the stuff you'll see. 

I hope to go back real soon! 

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