Friday, November 2, 2012

The Obsession is Back!

Not that it ever went away haha! I'm referring to my addiction to paper, particularly personalized gift cards and notecards. I think it just went to sleep for a while, knowing that I still have around 2 shoeboxes (bigger shoeboxes than usual) full of them. But recently, when I had to get one box to choose a card because my nephew and niece were celebrating their birthdays, I realized that some of the individual boxes only had one or two cards left in them. 

(insert panicky sounding effect here)

That same day, I immediately went to my favorite suppliers' sites to browse. I started to make a list and included the two girls because I realized that they too need their own cards. OA? Nah. They have friends that they give gifts to. It's always nice to have a non-generic note attached to the box.

And then, and then .... I found another supplier with cute stuff! Yikes, more panic! I might end up spending so much on cards again. And believe me, if I don't stop myself, this WILL happen.

The 3rd supplier is actually a blogger who also has an online shop. 

I've actually heard of her before, but last night was the first time I really got to go through her site. I sent her an email to request for her catalogue and in a few minutes, I got her reply! Guess what time I ended up sleeping? :)) Lemme show you her stuff, the ones that caught my eye and are now on my list. Oh, and her name is Pat. How cool is that? :) 

The following photos were all grabbed from her FB page

For Sabine, I'm thinking of either gift cards or the sticker types. The ones on the left are Label Plates. I think I like those too, for Sabine's things. :) See? Already getting carried awayyyyyyyyyyy.
The Clear Reviewer Tablet is God sent! Since N and I are back to zero with Sabine when it comes to home work and studying, this is really going to help. I'm also thinking of other friends who can benefit from this and who might want to get this from me this Christmas. :)  She also wrote a really helpful entry on how to use it here.
For more formal occasions, I prefer the minimalist types like this. In fact, minus the icons or whatever you call them. Just my/our names on the card. 
Note cards with envelopes, 28 pcs at P180. I love the colors! I use the whimsy, colorful ones for more casual occasions. 
For Anissa, I can't decide just yet. Maybe some of these? So much eye candy!

I'm just about done with my order list. I've got my calculator beside me so I'll know more or less how much the "damage" is. Then again, I know this isn't going to be one of those takaw mata purchases because I actually use these cards and I love to do so all the time.

Oops! Pat did mention (tight na kami???) that I should wait for her Christmas sets so I guess I'll do that. The list will get longer pa hahaha!!! Love love love!


I keep thinking it's already Saturday or Sunday, when it's only Friday.
Hope y'all are enjoying this extra-long weekend.


  1. Hi Patty! Wow, a full post on my stuff! Such a nice surprise! Thank you sooo much!

  2. Don't mention it, Pat! I'm just so excited to order :))