Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Lucas Papaw - it works!

When my friends recently gifted me with what they called a Chemo Basket, one of the things they included was a tube of this. They must've researched on the most common side effects of chemotherapy  and they couldn't have been more spot on! 

Maybe a couple of weeks after my very first chemo cycle, I developed a sore on the side of my mouth. You can imagine what a pain that is, right? Everytime I yawned, it would crack. Everytime I opened my mouth too wide to eat, it would crack. I was back to zero ... meaning raw wound so often, I didn't think it would get any better. 

But then I remembered that tube of Lucas Papaw. I used it and I never looked back. In a matter of less than 5 minutes -- no kidding! -- , the sore was no longer mahapdi and in just a day it was totally dry and well. 

Today, I discovered another sore about to start on the opposite side of my mouth (fun times, I know!). While it's small, I already applied some Lucas Papaw to make sure I don't suffer as much as I did the last time. 

For something that has a really funny-sounding name, this thing really really does the job!

Other than minor open wounds, you can also use Lucas Papaw on :

minor burns and scalds
gravel rash and cuts
nappy rash and chafing
insect bites
splinters and thorns

You can buy this from my friends, Sol and Paul at 

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