Monday, November 5, 2012

New Week, New Book, New Shoes

People are groaning and moaning again on Twitter because the extra long weekend is over, and it's back to the rat race for many. My girls still have this whole week at home because they had classes until October 31st and the teachers have this on-going thing (a seminar? i forgot na.). 

As for me, it's just like any other day really. But I'm particularly excited because I finally bought me a good book. Thanks to my friend, Cathy B., who instantly replied to my tweet last Thursday about heading to Fully Booked. She suggested that I buy the book on the left. Then the SA said to me, the one on the right is the follow-up from the same author. Bought both! 

Cathy says it's the best book for me to read at this precise time. Word taken, my dear. I decided to postpone reading it to today, so I can start my week right :) 

Oh and by the way, Sabine and I went around the mall yesterday for a quickie. The objective was to get coffee from Starbucks, and to pass by Fully Booked again because she wanted to "look only, Mommy" (I kinda knew what that meant). But on our way to the escalator, I thought of dropping by Steve Madden. I purposely avoided going to this store while looking for shoes the past few days because there was nothing in the window display that interested me. Guess what?!

After searching high and low for that all-important pick-me-upper pair, I finally found it --- in the store I avoided twice hahaha! Maybe this is why I didn't get to buy anything anywhere beforehand. This pair was the last in my super-hard-to-find-size 6, and it was marked down further at that! 

I went to the Eastwood Mall branch, so I'm not sure if this applies to their other stores. But the SA here said to me that they always, always have a sale ongoing. Their "last season" styles remain in the store at marked-down prices. It would be good to check them out even when those End of Season Sales aren't happening. 

Here's more to look forward to this week ... I'm attending my first ever blogger event tomorrow. I've recently been invited to a few, but the schedules always go head to head with doctor visits and whatever else, I've always had to say "no". Luckily for me, my schedule tomorrow afternoon is wide open. So yes, watch out for an update on that.

Happy New Week, everyone!

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