Friday, November 2, 2012

I Love This Eyeliner Tip!

This is really cool! I might sound like an idiot because it really is the easiest thing to figure out but I'm not a make-up junkie or expert. This is actually a common problem : your eyeliner smearing or running from your lower lash line. Right? It is for me, especially since I have oily skin. 

Photo from (I really love this site!)

Just get a flat-headed eyeshadow brush, dip both sides into powder (lighter by one shade if you also want it to work like a concealer). Sweep right underneath the liner back and forth to set it and keep it from running. You're all done after that! 

I can never ever step out of the house without eyeliner : both on my upper and lower lash lines. Going out tomorrow, so I'm definitely going to do this. 

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