Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow

It all happened so quickly. I didn't expect to be in the salon at 830 last night, getting my hair shaved off! Yes, I'm now officially what people call semi kalbo. I joked around with Anissa's friends/ex-team mates this morning and told them I've been recruited by the UP Pep Squad. The girls said they really really like the new look!

The blow by blow is in my other blog (the one where I talk about my journey with breast cancer), Grace Anatomy.

Did I cry? Nope.
Did I feel the slightest bit sad? Maybe, but it was fleeting.
Is my hair going to fall off some more? Yes, as I go through my next few rounds of chemo. 
Do I like the way I look? I have to admit, it takes a bit of adjustment. But it's growing on me. The best part about this look? I don't have messy hair in the morning haha!

C'es la Vie! 

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