Sunday, November 4, 2012

Cheap Thrills from Japan and Korea

While in Eastwood Mall yesterday, I tried a record-breaking 7 times to buy a pair of shoes. I went home unsuccessful and feeling so frustrated. Everything I wanted wasn't in my size. How come parang this only happens in the Philippines??? 

Anyhoo ... after that very embarassing Cafe Mary Grace meltdown, I picked myself up, brushed myself off and started all over again, as the song goes. I went to DIY because I remembered they have a Japan Home Store inside. I've been wanting to go back to Saizen and this was the closest I could get, even if I knew that JHS doesn't have nearly half as much cutesy stuff. 

I have a strong feeling this isn't your usual China-made Hello Kitty. I also checked on the grammar used (haha of course I did!) and guess what, no mistakes! The mouse pad went straight into my tiny basket. Yes, I wouldn't have bought it if there were grammatical errors. So sue me.

When they said colorful, they meant it. These are your everyday scrubbing (scouring?) pads.

See? Like a mini rainbow of colors. Love!

That's it for Japan Home Store. I told you, not too many cutesy stuff.

Next and final stop, The Face Shop. Nothing particular in mind. I just wanted to look around. My heart did a cartwheel when while browsing through the nail polish selection, I spotted these

Mint and Peach! I'm fixated on these two colors at the moment. P95 each.

This one looks just a little bit lighter than what I have on right now.

The problem with The Face Shop's nail polish is that they don't have names. The codes are sooooo tiny I can't read them even when I have my reading glasses on. I think I wanna go back for the pale pink one later. Hee hee. 

Small loot, happy somewhat. I walked back to my parents' condo still feeling sick in my stomach about my horrible experience with the shoes.