Saturday, November 3, 2012

Color Withdrawal?

A really good friend of mine once told me that I should add more color to my life. She actually meant I should be more adventurous when it comes to colors. My clothes are mostly safe shades, my shoes are the same. Even my choices in lipstick shades were quite conservative until I decided to try. I haven't looked back since. On the subject of clothes, yes, I've tried infusing more color into my wardrobe since that time. I always thought I had way too many blacks, whites, grays in my closet anyway. 

But yeah, my Dad died this year so I figured I was in a good place as far as clothing was concerned. I really didn't need to buy much because I was so partial to black, white, gray for the longest time. But guess what. It's only been over 5 months since he passed away and I'm already panicking. I don't have as much as I thought I did! Or maybe this was really bound to happen at some point. HELLO. 5 months of wearing only those 3 colors? 

So recently, I asked my Mom if it was still acceptable to wear colored bottoms and just stick to the 3 colors for my tops (and dresses) and she says it's okay. I'm slightly guilty that I'm deviating. But another friend says, it's what's in my heart that's important. I can wear whatever color I want. However, it's really my choice to stick to "mourning" shades and I'll do it for as long as I can. 

Some recent photos

This dress/long top from Mango is sooooo useful. I hope they come up with something like this again. I've been abusing it so far. 
Another dress from Mango (jersey this time and more dressy).
This is a brand-less v-neck tee for when I'm lazy to think about what to wear.
Forgot the brand of the tank top (it has jewels!) and my trusty Kamiseta cardigan, which I have also been abusing.
The same Kamiseta cardigan, a Zara white v-neck and a white mini skirt from Topshop. 
For the past 5 or so months, these have been my colors. I can't believe I'm having a color withdrawal! This is so not me! Anyway ... after much deliberation - with myself and my guilty mind - I made the jump. This is something I've been wanting to buy for myself but all these pastel colors became the trend after Dad's passing, so I couldn't. 

Mint jeggings from online seller, Frou Frou Fashion on FB
They're the perfect shade based on this photo. It just suddenly popped up on my newsfeed yesterday, so  what was I waiting for??? Within the next 5 minutes, my order was placed. But wait, I just have to say it ... why do I hate the word "jeggings" so much? Hahaha. Gives me the heebeejeebies!

Do you like my jeggingzzzzzz? Eeeewww.

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