Friday, November 2, 2012

Sunday Family Style : Robinson's Place Magnolia

(Late post)

Finally got to see for ourselves what all the excitement has been about. On Twitter is where I first heard of this place. Originally, I thought that the Robinson's group was developing this property into something purely residential. I was surprised to find out that they had put in a shopping mall as well. People had been discussing on Twitter how spacious it is and how excited they are about upcoming shops. The night we came here (Sunday), was my first time in a mall after my surgery. 

Somewhat surprised to see that we had to struggle to get into their parking basement. It took us a good 15 minutes to get to the ticket booth. Good thing we were lucky enough to find a car that was about to leave. We got to park in no time.

The place is really quite impressive. Kinda uppity, if you ask me. 

Sorry, I didn't really get to take more indoor photos. There were a lot of shops that were still not open, but I assume that by now most of them are ready to serve their target market. 

Sidenote: On my 2nd time there, I passed by Saizen and blogged about it here

We walked around some more and surveyed the place - yup for future reference haha. Then we were finally hungry. We decided to eat in Arya Cafe. 

Unfortunately, my big girl couldn't come with us due to sooooooo much homework that she had to attend to. She missed out on one heck of a dinner.

Dip Platter P292
Roti or Pita bread is something we have to have as appetizer whenever we dine in a place like this. My kids love bread and they're adventurous enough to try the different dips.

Fasl Salad (got the Family-sized portion, P363
Brain!!! I can't find this in their online menu and I can't remember how much. I haven't had this in years!
Mourgh Koobideh (skewers of chicken seasoned with spices and onions), P374
Beef Koobideh, P447
Beef Donar Kabab (more popularly known as Beef Shawarma), P283
Mama had Lamb but I forgot to take a photo, also because she was so hungry she had to dive in right away. Everything was good, we had no complaints about the food. But some of our orders, particularly the chicken, took soooooooooo long to arrive. Apparently, they had issues in the kitchen that night, something broke down. The upside to this is that the Manager took the time to explain things to us. This is what customer service is all about --- taking that extra step, going the extra mile. Take that from someone who is so OC about receiving (and giving) good customer service.

I'll post another entry about Thai Bistro, another restaurant in Robinson's Magnolia which I recently went to.

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